“WMBootcamp” Montagnana Airfield, 10-12 September 2021

WMBootcamp – Women Motor Bootcamp is a women-only event that unites fans of motors, motorcycles, mechanics and airplanes. It is the first event that combines fun and teaching of motorcycle and aerial disciplines, with courses for beginners and experts. WMB is the ideal opportunity to try something new like flying in a plane, riding an enduro motorcycle, jumping with a parachute and much more with dedicated courses and workshops.

Alpi Aviation will be present with an aircraft piloted by Silvia Rappo, Sales Manager of Alpi Aviation and left wing of the Pioneer Team. The Pioneer Team, founded in 2005,  over the years has performed in airshows in over 22 countries, from Europe to Japan, Korea, United Arab Emirates, Libya, China and Saudi Arabia, flying in formation with Pioneer 300 and 330 Acro.

Silvia, with a past as a “Wing Walker”, has over 1200 hours of flying time on ultralight aircraft and helicopters and is the only Italian woman to fly in a world-famous team, holding the role of left wingman and team manager.

For more information visit the WMBootcamp website by clicking here

WMB Woman Motor Bootcamp 2021 Montagnana