Pioneer Twin

A new concept 4 Seater twin engine aircraft

If a Pioneer has always represented reliability and performance, we have chosen to double it. Introducing Pioneer Twin, a 4-seater twin-engine aircraft that maintains the company philosophy in the union of wood and composite materials, with the utmost attention to safety, design and performance. Pioneer Twin is an advanced stage project that we expect to make its first flight soon.

Fuselage and wings, even if slightly different in size, are the same as the Pioneer 400. This guarantees the experience and know-how of the procedures and construction of the components.

Pioneer Twin, which will be available with two 100 Hp Rotax 912 iS or two 141 Hp Rotax 915 iS, will allow you to travel at 200 Kts, with a range of over 1600 km and the safety of two engines.

A dream? No, simply Pioneer Twin!





Engines Rotax 912 iS
Power 100hp
3-blade variable pitch propellers
Engine Rotax 915 iS
Power 141 hp
3-blade variable pitch propellers
Cruise speed @FL100 146 kts
Max level speed @sealevel 163 kts
Cruise speed @sealevel 145 kts
Economic Cruise Speed @65% 135 kts
Endurance 5 h
Range 675 Nm @135 kts
T/O Roll 263 m
Stall speed 51 kts
VNE 184 kts
Fuel capacity 2 x 90 lt
Fuel consumption 35 lt/h
Best climb rate 1200 ft/min
Glide ratio 13:1
Service ceiling 4.000 m
Cruise speed @FL120 200 kts
Max level speed @ sealevel 178 kts
Cruise speed @ sealevel 160 kts
Economic Cruise speed  @65% 140 kts
Endurance 6.5 h
Range 920 Nm @140 kts
T/O Roll 194 m
Stall speed 51 kts
VNE 194 kts
Fuel capacity 2 x 115 lt
Fuel consumption 35 lt/h
Climb rate 1700 ft/min
Glide ratio 13:1
Service Ceiling 7.000 m
912 iS MTOW up to 1150 kg
915 iS MTOW up to 1300kg
4 Seater
Retractable gear
3-blade variable pitch propellers
Wing fuel tanks 2×90 l @912iS

2×115 l @915iS

Electric flap
Electric trim
Water resistant canopy cover
Leather interiors
Painted livery
Essential tool case
Flight and maintenance manual
Glasscockpit Garmin G3x or Dynon HDX
Ballistic Parachute
Engine Rotax 915iS