Pioneer 400
Powerful, versatile sky traveller

A truly unique retractable gear four-seater aircraft, fast, modern and economic. The Pioneer 400, or Quattrocento, represents a new era of aviation for PPL pilots incorporating the latest technology and low running costs.
The gull-wing doors provide a comfortable entry point for pilot and passengers.
Quattrocento impresses you for the excellent flight performance, stability, comfort and elegance. Quattrocento is designed for long-distance trips, to turn weekends into family adventures and take off from short fields.
It is provided under Experimental category.

P400 915iS with glasscockpit FROM 280 000 €
(VAT not included and ex works)


  • CS-23 UK (2012)
  • CNSK France (2013)




Technical data

Engine Rotax 916 iS
Power 160 hp
3-blade variable pitch CS propeller
Engine Rotax 915 iS
Power 140 hp
3-blade variable pitch CS propeller
Max Cruise speed @FL100 162 kts
Cruise speed @ sea level 145 kts
Max endurance 6,5 h
Max range 730 Nm
Takeoff roll 250 m
Stall speed 53 kcas
Vx 65 kts
Vy 85 kts
Best climb rate 1200 ft/min
Glide ratio 13:1
Service ceiling 26,000 ft
Cruise speed @FL100 162 kts
Cruise speed @ sea level 145 kts
Max endurance 6 h
Max range 600 Nm
Takeoff roll 280 m
Stall speed 53 kcas
Vx 65 kts
Vy 85 kts
Best climb rate 1000 ft/min
Glide ratio 13:1
Service ceiling 26.000 ft
MTOW up to 800 kg
Retractable gear
3-blade variable pitch propeller
Wing fuel tank 2×54 l
Electric flap
Elevator electric trim
Water resistant canopy cover
Leather interiors
Sticker livery
Essential tool case
Flight and maintenance manual
Air speed indicator
Bank indicator
RPM and hour meter
Fuel level indicator
Engine monitoring System
Ballistic Parachute
3-blade variable pitch propeller
Funke-Trig-Garmin radio
Funke-Trig-Garmin mode “S” transponder
AvMap-Garmin GPS
Dynon-Garmin-Flybox IFIS/Glass cockpit

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