Pioneer 200
Affordable, enjoyable, versatile

Pioneer 200 is a two-seater aircraft, low wing, wooden – Dacron constructed with fixed landing gear and a bubble canopy. Its wings are manufactured in two pieces and designed to be simple to assembly and disassembly for storage purposes. The reinforced landing gear provides strength and safe landings.
Born to be easy to use, reliable and economic. It’s versatile and fun, with comfortable interiors. Pioneer 200 is able to operate on short fields allowing long-range cross-country flights.
Ideally designed for beginners and flight schools, it is appreciated even by experienced pilots.
Interiors can be customized choosing different leather/fabric combinations. Standard paint is white and it can be customized in several two-tone sticker liveries.

FROM 78 000 €
(VAT not included and ex works)


  • Italy (ULM) (2001)
  • Spain/Portugal (2002)
  • France (2003)
  • CS-VLA UK (2005)
  • BFU (Germany 2005)
  • Rep. S. Marino (2005)
  • BCAR Section S (2006)
  • Greece (2006)
  • South Africa (2006)
  • Italy (Advanced ULM) (2011)



Technical data

Engine Rotax 912 UL
Power 80 hp
3-blade ground adj. propeller
Max level speed 215 km/h
Cruise speed (@75%) 185 km/h
Max endurance (65 l) 4 h
Max range (@75%) 900 km
Takeoff roll 100 m
Stall speed 62 km/h @450 kg
Vx 90 km/h
Vy 110 km/h
Best climb rate 980 ft/min
Glide ratio 11:1
Service ceiling 5,000 m
MTOW 450 kg up to 525 kg
Fixed gear
2-blade fixed pitch propeller
Central tank 65 l
Luggage capacity 226 l
Electric flap
Elevator electric trim
Water resistant canopy cover
Leather interiors
Sticker livery
Essential tool case
Flight and maintenance manual
Air speed indicator
Bank indicator
RPM and hour meter
Fuel level indicator
CHT indicator
Oil temperature gauge
Oil pressure gauge
Engine Rotax 912 ULS 100 hp
3-blade ground adj. propeller
Ballistic parachute
Funke-Trig-Garmin radio
Funke-Trig-Garmin mode “S” transponder
AvMap-Garmin GPS
Dynon-Garmin-Flybox IFIS/Glass cockpit
UL – Microlight – Experimental

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