Pioneer 330
Adrenaline at your fingertips

Two-seater for sensation-seekers. The construction of this aircraft follows a special design in wood-composite, even if it looks like a Pioneer 300 it has a single spar wing and bigger ailerons.
Dedicated to pilots with experience, it combines grit, performance and comfort. It can be equipped with smoke system and a ballistic parachute.


Technical data

Engine Rotax 912 ULS
Power 100 hp
2-blade variable pitch CS propeller
Max level speed 260 km/h
Cruise speed (@75%) 230 km/h
Max endurance 4 h
Max range (@75%) 900 km
Takeoff roll @525 kg 160 m
@600 kg 200 m
Stall speed 75 km/h @600 kg
Vx 100 km/h
Vy 120 km/h
Best climb rate 1,200 ft/min @525 kg
1,000 ft/min @600 kg
Glide ratio 12:1
Service ceiling 5,000 m
MTOW 525 kg up to 600 kg
In flight load factor +6/-3 @525 kg
Retractable gear
2-blade variable pitch CS propeller
Wing fuel tank 2×42 l
Luggage capacity 226 l
Electric flap
Elevator electric trim
Water resistant canopy cover
Leather interiors
Sticker livery
Essential tool case
Flight and maintenance manual
Air speed indicator
Bank indicator
RPM and hour meter
Fuel level indicator
CHT indicator
Oil temperature gauge
Oil pressure gauge
Engine Rotax 915 iS 140 hp
Engine Rotax 914 T 115 hp
Ballistic parachute
Funke-Trig-Garmin Radio
Funke-Trig-Garmin mode “S” Transponder
AvMap-Garmin GPS
Dynon-Garmin-Flybox IFIS/Glass cockpit
UL – Experimental

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