Pilots meeting and aircraft exhibition – Rivoli di Osoppo Airfield

On September 25th, we will participate in a fly-in and aircraft exhibition that will take place at Rivoli di Osoppo airfield (LIKH).
We invite you to visit our booth!
Who arrives in flight with a Pioneer or a Syton, in addition to the lunch offered to all crews, will receive an Alpi Aviation gadget.
After this time of distance we can’t wait to see you again in a friendly and passionate aviation atmosphere… this opportunity is perfect, in a beautiful location close to the Alps. We are waiting for you!
The organization requires to register for participation, you can access the appropriate form through the AVRO website at this link https://www.avro.it/raduno-sett
As indicated on the site, in accordance with the regulations in force, a green pass will be required to participate.