Is a Pioneer 300 the first ultralight registered at 600 kg in Italy!

The first “Certificate of identification” of an ultralight aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of 600 kg was signed on 27 January 2022 by the General Director of the “Aero Club d’Italia” Gen. Gian Paolo Miniscalco. This first aircraft is a Pioneer 300! 

With this first identification certificate, a new era of aviation in Italy is inaugurated, following the Ministerial Decree 503 signed on 10/12/21 approving the raising of the maximum take-off weight of ULMs to 600 kilograms

First born in Alpi Aviation, the Pioneer 300 has always been appreciated for its in-flight characteristics, reliability and its timeless design.

The combination of wood with composite materials, in an attractive design and without sacrificing new technologies, makes it an aircraft that is still in great demand and appreciated all over the world.

In this case it is a P300 with 100 Hp Rotax 912 ULS engine, variable pitch propeller, Glasscockpit, oversized wing fuel tanks and ballistic parachute.

The livery is the classic “Monviso”, with an elegant combination of black and red. The lucky owner, very attentive to details, wanted to embellish it with a red leather interior, anthracite airnet and contrasting stitching.

Also on this occasion, we have chosen to show you this special model in flight, carrying out a Air2Air photo session in the mountain area of ​​Carnia, not far from Osoppo Airfield, where our maintenance workshop is located.

The raising of the MTOW to 600 kg is an important result for the ultralight flight sector in Italy – says Corrado Rusalen.

The commitment and dedication that the team of Italian manufacturers, together with the General Manager Gen. Miniscalco, have dedicated to supporting the institutions for this change was decisive. For us at Alpi Aviation, who in recent years have always had a keen eye for innovation and new certifications, it is an honor to know that we are the manufacturers of the aircraft that marks the beginning of a new era.

After obtaining the Type Certificate DaAC 600 Kg in Germany last year, this milestone is another demonstration of the great teamwork that leads us every day to build airplanes, helicopters and drones with passion and an eye to safety, performance and design.