Suite Pioneer 300

Cruise speed

250 Km/h


1000 Km


The wood liability & the composite material surface finish joined into a performance aircraft for everybody, the skilled pilot and the just licensed one: cruise speed @75% power equal to 250 km/h (S version with the shorter wing span), stall speed equal to 65 km/h, retractable landing gear and capability to operate in short fields.

The aircraft could be operated in long range trips or simple flights around the airfield, actually is the best compromise between performances, fuel consumption and flight quality.

The aircraft manoeuvrability and controllability, together with its stability, make it easy to be flown by the aerobatic pilot, with extraordinary satisfaction, up to the flying school student, that will be supported by the aircraft during their learning activity.


Via dei Templari, 24
33080 San Quirino - Pordenone - Italy | N 45°59'9 E 012°39'20
Sales: +39 (0)434 554703
Info & Services: +39 (0)434 370496
Fax: +39 (0)434 360713
Cap.Soc. € 2.810.000,00 i.v. - Rea PN 73706/99
Reg. Imprese Pordenone - Cod. Fisc. - P. Iva: IT 01396190934
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